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The Angler's Edge - Fly Shop


Is THE full service fly shop serving the Eastern Sierra, northern Nevada and northern California areas. We have been nestled in Northern Nevada's Carson Valley since 1994.  The Valley is surrounded by the Eastern Sierra mountain range which provides an abundance of fantastic trout waters from high desert rivers to lofty alpine getaways.

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Nearby to scenic Lake Tahoe and historic Carson City, we enjoy supporting the local and vacationing fly fishermen. We not only offer equipment and materials for fly fishing and fly-tying, we also offer Guiding, fly fishing lessons from casting to entomology, fly tying classes with expert tying instructors and rod and reel repairs.

Our local waters include the West and East forks of the Carson and Walker Rivers, the Owens & Truckee Rivers and numerous lakes like Spooner, Indian Creek, Crater & Blue Lakes as well as trophy lakes like Heenan, and Pyramid where giant

cutthroat await... to hidden creeks and seldom visited high country lakes also found nearby. 

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Private Waters Available:


Pleasant Valley

Fly Fishing Preserve

Private Water:


Located just outside of Markleeville, CA Pleasant Valley is a short drive to un-crowded, pristine water, freestone creek fishing at its best.  Pleasant Valley Fly Fishing Preserve is available for guided or non-guided outings and space is limited to enhance your experience.

This water is a special place for those that enjoy a technical experience when catching sizeable fish! Contact the shop for more information, book a staff guide or to book a day on your own.

O'Banion's Aspen Lake Ranch

Private Trophy Pond

Open Year Around for

Catch & Release Fly Fishing.

 Nestled at the foot of the Pine Nut Mountain Range near Wellington, NV the pond holds the original strain of Mt. Whitney Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout that can range in size from 1 to 10 pounds!

Rod space will be limited and float tubes, waders & fins will be provided by the ranch in effort to keep the pond free of disease and invasive species.   For more information, call the shop at 775-781-7112.

The Angler's Edge - Fly Shop

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Fly Fisher for over 20 years

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We are NOT going to complain about not being able to get out and fish this last week due to the rain, and muddy water on the rivers.... we'll take all we can get!

E. CARSON: CA: Flows: 322 cfs above Hangman's (along hwy 89/4) River is COOL, and muddy as of today. They'll be stocking it tomorrow. (yes, we've had reports of the stock truck brigade already waiting to get to the fish!) being off color you'll need to get the split shot out and dead drift, caddis pupa, rubber legged stones, san juans or rainbow warriors. Catch & Release section (downstream at Hangman's Bridge), It's just as off color as the top section. If you're adventurous enough (and you take a 'frienemy's' vehicle), the CA/NV border area had been fishing nicely with gummy worms and little stones.

E. CARSON: NV: Flows: 340 cfs Was stocked by NDOW a few weeks ago. Water is cold and running pretty good. Hit the slower water where the fish won't be struggling to stay up with the turbidity. Copper johns, little yellow stones, rubber legged stones, red zebra midges, mahalos.

W. CARSON: Flows 59 cfs: The River's not as muddy as the East. Will be stocked tomorrow (Friday). If you're into trying the dries, in the meadow section, Para BWO's, adams, light cahill's. Buggers in olive or black or brown. Copper johns, little yellow stones, hare's ear, rainbow warrior.

E. WALKER: CA: Flows 22 cfs: So, the gist of the E. Walker, water isn't being let down as of yet from the upper lakes into Bridgeport Res. So, the flows will be a steady 20 -22 cfs, unless a rancher calls for his water. Which means, be stealth! Use clear, white or black indicators for your nymph rigs or no indicator at all. Buggers in olive or black,, bubbleback midges, san juans. Dries: Spent trico when the weather warms up, You can attempt a hopper dropper, red wing hoppers were coming off before these storms came in. Micro mayflies, Caddis puppa, copper johns, little yellow stones, crystal caddis, Flashback PT's, Trico, WD40's in grey or black, buggers in Olive and brown, BWO, Adams. You can get the flows on our website, under the Water Flows tab.

E. WALKER: NV Flows 27 cfs: Flows are low weed beds present and are channeling the water. Reports that late afternoon fishing was the best. Rubber legged golden stones, little yellow stones, caddis pupa, rainbow warrior, Frank, and san juans. Again, check those bright colored indicators at the gate, best to go clear, white, or black.

E. WALKER: NV ELBOW AREA  Flows 27 cfs Stocked 3 weeks ago by NDOW. Flies: PT's Hare's ear, stone, Micro Mayfly, san juans.

ASPEN LAKE RANCH:  EXCELLENT! Nice cool water and these fatties are being taken on black or olive buggers. Snow cones, stillwater nymphs (orange was doing best). Recent reports from Weeds are starting to come up a bit, it's the nature of the lake. That doesn't mean the fish aren't hitting. Taking reservations (call shop for Reservation, all equipment is provided, other than your rod, line, flies, 2X minimum tippet, (we seriously recommend 15 pound fluorflex Plus) some of these beasties are big!)

WEST WALKER : CA: Flows: 264 cfs Water is chocolate milk. It will be stocked, but right now it's running pretty hard. Look for the slower water and fish the seams. Rubber legged golden stones, little yellow stones, caddis pupa, rainbow warrior, Frank, and san juans.

WEST WALKER NV (Hoye Canyon): Flows 200 cfs: NDOW is no longer stocking this water due to the private property owners of the area complaining about people who start fires.

 PYRAMID LAKE  We've still had some decent reports, not off the hook, but fish are being caught. Spawn is waning. The fish have been released form the hatchery. Buggers and beetles and nymphing with snow cones is still going. Closes Last day in June. Check out the proposed regulations that the tribe is looking into and asking for PUBLIC INPUT.

TOPAZ:  73,000 acre feet. No reports... waiting to see if the heat will being the carp into spawn again.

SPOONER: Stocked by NDOW a month ago. This is a great place to take a beginner! Leach patterns, zugbugs, red or black zebra midges, prince, PT's, martis midges, buggers in black, purple and white.

DESERT CREEK: Best way to get there is take the road further down on 338 (close to Sweetwater summit), the road near Wellington is getting very rutted. Stimulator, para caddis, EHC, Para MX chartreuse, small olive buggers. It still has a lot of fish in it, and was stocked by NDOW this Spring.

HOBART: OPENED MAY 1st Great reports from the Carson Fly Club for opening day. Road will be a MESS. Unless you have free towing and can rebuild a front end, I'd hold off until the road dries out. Or take the North entrance and hike a long way.

INDIAN CREEK:  Doing very nicely on blood midges, wiggletails (thin damsel pattern) red/black buggers, zebra midges. Has not been stocked since November., Will be stocked for the KIDS FISHING DERBY. Lahontan trout are showing up along the edges of the weed beds, they were planted dinks last June.. (On a personal note:  if you get a brown, or you see someone with a brown trout, ask them to release it, they're the last that will ever be in that lake) Full sink or intermediate with leech patterns buggers in orange, rootbeer, white, followed with a zebra midge, damsel nymph. And a small crawling retrieve.

BURNSIDE:  No report as of yet, no stocking as of this report

KIRMAN:  Nice cool temps up there Scuds, Scuds, scuds. Leach patterns, black zonkers, zuddler, all followed with a sheepcreek, special or PT, Snowcones. Slow opener, perhaps if we get a little more heat in that higher elevation, they'll get a little more active.  If going out for the afternoon bite, watch for the bears!

BRIDGEPORT RES: Water is low and you'll have to walk a bit to get in the float tube, but hey, the fish are concentrated! Red zebra midges, black buggers, black rainbow warriors, dead drift crawfish. Watch for the cormorant hanging near the dam, when they show up the browns won't be far behind, eating crawfish.

TRUCKEE: 179 cfs IF YOU FISH THE TRUCKEE BE SURE TO STERILIZE YOUR GEAR BEFORE MOVING TO ANOTHER WATER!!!!!!! (New Zealand mud snails) The slower deeper water has produced some nice fish. Drakes are starting to come off, hit the seams. browns on san juan worms, midge pupa, rainbow warrior, wired stones, deaddrift crawfish, black zebra or tiger midges on the drop.

ASSORTED REPORTS:  Let us know if there are waters that you want reports on! We'll place them here.


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